At home and in the community

The below opportunities and tips will help you to play a part in the creation of Southland's low emission future

  • Choosing active transport options and online catch-ups are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Check out Murihiku by bike and the Ministry for Transport's safe cycling resources
  • Look to grow your own vegetables, start a compost or use your food scraps to produce energy and fertilizer through a Homebiogas system
  • Where possible, choose to shop locally and engage with local suppliers and producers
  • Get planting! Help to remove carbon from the atmosphere by planting more trees in your backyard and around your community. You can also join  Plant population or ‘Trees That Count’ 
  • Learn more about clean heating and insulation options for your home. This could include replacing your coal burner with an electric or clean wood burner which is something that Southland Warm Homes Trust could provide financial support for. 
  • Learn more about the Clean Air Loans on offer by Awarua Synergy
  • Help to make your home warmer, drier and save on energy with the following tips
  • When considering the purchase of a new motor vehicle, compare fuel efficiency and carbon emissions between car types here and consider the possibility of an electric vehicle
  • Learn about ways you could encourage the transition to safer streets and more liveable spaces in your community. Learn more

Reducing emissions at work

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Reducing emissions on the farm

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Measuring your emissions

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How we can help you on your low emission journey

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For more information on this, please contact:

Lee Atkinson
Lee Atkinson
Strategic Projects Manager
Anna Clarke
Anna Clarke
Strategic Projects Advisor

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