Southland Oats - NZ Functional Foods

Looking at the potential to build a high-value, commercial industry based upon Southland oats

With its climate, soils and regular rainfall, Southland has a natural advantage in growing oats. 

To capitalise on this advantage, we are investigating how Southland oats could be used to develop high-value, health and wellness, export products. We have developed the concept of an oat-based industry and are in talks with potential investors to advance the initiative.

The development of this industry would create competitive and sustainable land-use options for Southland farmers, resulting in more employment opportunities and play a significant role in diversifying the Southland economy.

There’s growing awareness of the benefits of oat-based health and wellness products and we’re optimistic about Southland being able to claim a spot in this emerging market.

Steve Canny
Steve Canny
GM Business and Strategic Projects

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