Satellite Ground Station Services

Southern hemisphere ground segment support for space agencies and satellite operators

With our ground station facilities at Awarua, Lochiel and Invercargill, we support satellite missions and launch campaigns for international space agencies and all the big players in the small-sat world.

The Awarua Satellite Ground Station began operations in 2008 to support the European Space Agency’s ATV resupply missions to the International Space Station and has since become a key facility for many of the world’s better-known satellite operators.

Southland's location means that many satellite orbits, and most Rocket Lab launches from Mahia, can make use of our facilities to excellent advantage. Big or small, we have the resources to make your mission a success, from hosting your antenna to providing Ground Segment as a Service and licencing. 

Ask us about providing a tailored service to support your next launch campaign or mission.

Robin McNeill
Robin McNeill
Engineering Projects & Ground Segment Station Manager

Awarua Satellite Ground Station image courtesy of Dave Allen, NIWA

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