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Working with you to achieve a low emission future in your business

Our Strategic Carbon Neutral workshops are the perfect place to start if your business is looking to embark upon a low-emission journey.

The workshops will connect you and your business with the tools, resources and networks needed to mitigate the effects of climate change and embrace sustainable technologies and new ways of thinking. The workshop will give you the knowledge to strengthen your brand, improve profitability, expand business contingency and make your business more attractive to staff.

Next workshop: 

Monday 1 February, 11 am - 2 pm

At the workshop you will: 

  • Build a unified vision to lead your team, staff and board towards the same goal
  • Establish a baseline of your businesses' current emissions
  • Set targets to reduce emissions
  • Create a strategic plan to inform day to day decision making and long-term planning
  • Apply an integrated approach to create successful outcomes across your business

If you would be interested in attending please contact Isabel below

Isabel Huther
Isabel Huther
Strategic Projects Advisor

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