How we can help

Whether you are just starting out on your sustainability journey, or are looking for further guidance to take your approach to the next level, we can help. 

From measuring your emissions, setting targets and creating specific action plans to bring about change, we have access to a range of valuable networks, information and support that can assist your community group or business. 

Our project advisors will also support you in identifying the techniques, technologies and offsetting initiatives that will have positive effects on your business and contribute to lower regional emissions


Join us for a strategic workshop where we will support you in developing a long-term plan which will allow you to mitigate the effects of climate change, increase resilience in your workplace and adopt new low-emission technologies. At our workshop you will: 

  • Develop a vision for your sustainability journey 
  • Establish a baseline for your current emissions
  • Set targets to reduce emissions 
  • Develop a specific action plan
  • Develop an engagement plan to motivate staff in achieving the goals you have set

Support accessing funding

We can assist you in accessing specialist assistance research or funding, including:

Important resources

We have access to a range of resources that can support your low-emission journey. Learn more

We look forward to working with you to achieve a lower emission future for the Southland region! 

Measuring emissions

Learn more

Oportunities to reduce your emissions

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Southland's low emission economy

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For more information on how we can help, please contact us today: 

Isabel Huther
Isabel Huther
Strategic Projects Advisor
Libby Frampton
Libby Frampton
Strategic Projects Advisor

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