Measuring emissions

Whether you work on a farm, at home or in a business, there are a range of tools available to help you measure your emissions

Essential to achieving your low-emission and sustainability goals is having a clear understanding of where your emissions are coming from. 

The below tools will help you to establish a baseline and determine the areas you should focus your reduction efforts to make the most impact. Before you begin, it is recommended that you to set goals and develop a vision for what you would like to achieve (you can learn more about this here). 

At work and at home

We recommend to use the Ministry for the Environment emissions tool and guide to easily calculate the footprint of your business and to see examples of what your future action plan could look like. 

MfE Organisational Carbon tool

When it comes to business travel, flight emissions, household and transport activities, you can use the below tools to calculate carbon emissions

ICAO Flight Carbon Calculator

Toitu Household and Travel Carbon Calculator*

*This tool has been developed specifically for the New Zealand environment

On the farm

For an initial understanding of your farm's carbon footprint, you can use the Lincoln Carbon Calculator below, however, for a more accurate estimate, refer to your Overseer nutrient budget or get in touch with your consultant to get a profile created.

Lincoln Carbon Calculator

Reducing your emissions

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Southland's low emission economy

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How we can help you on your low emission journey

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