Reducing emissions at work

Below you will find a range of opportunities and ideas to support the low emission journey of your business

There are lots of different ways that you and your business can contribute to lowering regional emissions, including: 

  • Creating and implementing environmental policies that integrate with your overall vision. Learn more
  • Opting for active transport options where possible, you could even look into an employee bike purchasing scheme. Learn more
  • Consider energy and fuel efficiency options, including installing LED lighting, purchasing high energy star appliances and purchasing company vehicles that have good fuel efficiency 
  • Consider the benefits of e-vehicles. Learn more
  • Get in touch with WasteNet to review your waste and consider reusable alternatives
  • Look into options to reduce paper and consider buying local first for your supplies
  • Consider ways to offset flight emissions through programmes such as Toitu, Air New Zealand's fly neutral programme and Ekos, a Southland-base carbon forest you can support

Reducing your emissions at home and in the community

Learn more

Reducing emissions on your farm

Learn more

Measuring your emissions

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How we can help you on your low emission journey

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