Migration kiosk for Invercargill i-SITE

16 Oct 2019

Migration Kiosk - Liz Clark

A new kiosk at the Invercargill i-SITE is enticing visitors to relocate to Southland.

The new migration kiosk, which was set up last week, provides access to employment opportunities across the region and allows visitors to learn more about the Southland lifestyle.

Part of a pilot programme being run by Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), the kiosk has been established in recognition that 95% of migrants that move to Southland have been visitors to the region first.

Great South GM for Tourism and Events said as visitors often use the i-SITE network to access information during their travels, it’s an excellent place to engage with potential migrants.

“It’s about encouraging visitors to recognise the employment and lifestyle opportunities available in Southland and consider a move south,” Mrs Brown said.

Supporting the migration kiosk initiative is the Skills Placement Programme run by Great South that aims to connect newcomers to the region with employment opportunities.

As part of the programme, newcomers are given the tools and information needed to become work-ready and local employers are assisted with the recruitment of skilled migrants.

Together the migration kiosk and the Skills Placement Programme are helping to attract migrants to the region and ensure they settle into their new working life in Southland.