About Us

What We Do

Great South works for the benefit of the whole region, placing equal importance on Murihiku Southland’s people, place, environment and economy.

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Our priorities for each financial year are provided in our Statement of Intent, which is prepared in collaboration with our shareholders.

In accordance with the Local Government Act 2002, our annual Statement of Intent publicly states Great South's activities and intentions for the next three years.

Our Roles

Our role varies depending on the nature of the project or initiative we are involved with. It may be to advocate, facilitate, manage, or own. We continue to build on relationships with sector representatives and key Murihiku Southland stakeholders.


We advocate on behalf of the region sharing Murihiku Southland’s point of view as members of various national and regional organisations and boards. This includes for improved digital connectivity.


We work with various organisations to achieve bigger things for Murihiku Southland. This includes our work leading the development of Beyond 2025 Southland Long Term Plan, regional promotion activities and events and leading carbon emission reductions for Murihiku Southland.


We manage various programmes and services, sometimes as part of external contracts, or on behalf of the Government. This includes the Regional Business Partner Network and the Southland Youth Futures Programme. We also manage the two regional tourism organisations within our area, Visit Southland and Visit Fiordland, and their associated digital channels and assets. Additionally, we manage the development of strategies on behalf of the region, such as the Southland Murihiku Energy Strategy. 


We wholly own Space Operations NZ. We also own and manage the ILT Kidzone Festival.

Our Priorities


Regional Development Leadership

Great South provides leadership for the region by facilitating the implementation of the Beyond 2025 Southland Long Term Plan and through advocacy, writing submissions and representing Murihiku Southland nationally.

Beyond 2025 Southland, Murihiku Southland Destination Strategy, Murihiku Southland Events Strategy, Energy Strategy, Net Zero Southland Report, Greenhouse gas emissions.


Business Support and Diversification

Great South supports the growth of the business sector in Murihiku Southland and investigates and aids opportunities to diversify the economy. We also support the attraction and retention of a skilled workforce to our region, to support new and existing industries.

Business consultation, support for new opportunities, Southland Youth Futures / Mayors Taskforce for Jobs. We own SpaceOps NZ.


Regional Promotion

Great South promotes Murihiku Southland as a great place to live, work and visit and in doing so supports the attraction of tourists whose values align with ours.

Tourism marketing, event marketing, event delivery / support, destination development, City Centre activations, Business Events.

net zero

Net Zero Southland

Great South works with businesses across Murihiku Southland to address carbon emissions, and facilitates and supports them in making reductions, as the region heads towards being carbon neutral by 2050. We measure greenhouse gas emissions, Net Zero Southland Report, Decarbonisation workshops, sustainable tourism workshops.

More details about what we do can be found in our latest Statement of Intent.