Campaign update: Rediscover Southland

25 Sep 2020

To help stimulate the local economy, create an emotive connection to Southland and encourage travel to and across the region, Great South has been delivering the Rediscover Southland campaign.

This campaign activity built on the momentum of the earlier 'Rediscover #MySouthland' campaign, and extended from the local Southland audience to include those in the self-drive market south of Christchurch. 

The campaign highlighted deals offered by Southland tourism operators and businesses which were showcased on the campaign's main platform, the SouthlandNZ website -

This consisted of a homepage, pages for each sub-region and operators deals that could be taken advantage of. The call for people to resiscover the Southland region was shared across a variety of media channels and had significant engagement, including: 

  • Print Advertising – resulting in 248,958 impressions
  • Digital Advertising – resulting in 2,356,330 impressions
  • Social Media – resulting in 800,870 impressions
  • PR & Comms – consisting of pushes through newsletters, media release, organisation email signatures and shareholder engagement as well as media famils.

For the entire campaign, total impressions* across all channels was 3,427,746. 

We're looking forward on continuing to build on the strong platform of this campaign and encourage more and more people to head south!