Southland Youth Futures

Work Ready Passport

Work Ready Passport is a programme designed to help Southland Youth develop the personal skills, attitudes, and behaviours that employers seek. Developed as part of our Southland Youth Futures programme, lessons are delivered in kura schools by a facilitator and guest speakers.

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With direct links to industry, the programme partners with local community organisations and employers, who contribute their knowledge to help people gain the employability skills they need to succeed in the workplace and beyond. Students also learn about pathways to employment within a variety of sectors. 

The collaboration between our employers and schools fosters a dynamic learning environment through interactive discussions and hands-on activities, to help students gain practical insights and develop a deeper understanding of the expectations and demands of the workplace.  The combination of learning and industry expertise not only equips students with essential employability skills but also inspires them to explore diverse career paths and options they may not have considered before. 

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