Mayors Taskforce for Jobs

Working with communities to get young people in rural areas into sustainable employment.

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The Mayors Taskforce for Jobs provides funding and support to both employers and young people in rural areas, helping to reduce barriers to employment.

Great South is delivering the initiative on behalf of the Southland District Council, with funding from Ministry of Social Development.

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Who the programme is for

If you are aged 16 to 24 and live within the Southland District rating area and would like assistance to find employment, please contact our Mayors Taskforce for Jobs Coordinator Liz Wyatt to find out if you are eligible to join our programme. Email or phone 027 882 0114.

If you are an employer and would like help filling a vacancy, please contact us at

What the programme includes - for employees.

Customised Support Plans

The unique needs and circumstances of each young person are taken into consideration, and individualised support plans are created. This support may include:

  • Drivers Licensing
  • Training
  • Counselling
  • Tools for the trade

Career Counselling

Guidance is provided on career choices, helping people identify their skills, interests, and potential career paths.

CV Building

Assistance is given to create effective CVs that highlight relevant skills, experience, and achievements.

Job Search Assistance

Support is offered to navigate job search platforms, identifying job opportunities, and applying for positions that align with the individual's goals.

Interview Preparation

Mock interviews are conducted to help individuals practice and improve their interview skills, providing feedback and tips for success.

Skill Development

Training programmes or workshops to enhance essential workplace skills are offered, such as key employability skills, first aid training, driver training, traffic management training, basic farm skills training, and essential skills for workplaces.

Job Placement Services

Mayors Taskforce for Jobs staff act as an intermediary between employers and job seekers, matching candidates with suitable employment opportunities.

Financial Literacy Education

Guidance on budgeting, financial planning, and understanding employment-related financial matters is offered, to empower individuals in managing their finances.

Resource Accessibility

Access to necessary resources, such as computers, internet, and job-search tools.

Job Retention Support

Ongoing support to help individuals navigate the workplace and retain their new employment.

Mental health Support

Mental health support is provided either in person or online.

What the programme includes - for employers.

Job seekers

We will match job seekers to jobs and employers.

Grants and Subsidies

Assistance will be given to investigate grants and subsidies that might be available to support you and your new employee/s.

Training and Ongoing Support

New employees will be given training that supports them in your workplace. In addition, employees and employers will get three months or longer of pastoral support.


Workwear and equipment will be provided for new staff.


Wage subsidies are available for a new employee of 30+ hours not already employed full time.

Key Contact

For more information please contact us!  Email or get in touch with our Coordinator Liz.

elizabeth clark bw

Elizabeth Wyatt

Southland Youth Futures Advisor

027 882 0114

This initiative is brought to you by Great South, Southland District Council, Ministry of Social Development, and Local Government NZ.