Daikon (Raphanus sativus)


Daikon is also known as Japanese radish or Giant White radish. Fresh Daikon is popular in Japan. The Daikon root has a crisp, mild flavour and is excellent fresh in salads and provides a variation to our standard vegetables. It can also be preserved and used in the preparation of relishes and other condiments.

Growing Daikon

Propagation: Sowing rate: 2–3 kg/ha,
Sowing depth: 1–2cm,
Plant spacing: 15cm in row; 75cm between rows.
Yields/ha: Expected yield 400–500g/plant (3,338t/ha)
First harvest: 60–70 days after sowing
Soil type: Light textured free draining soils.
Fertilisers: NPK fertiliser application could be used.
Weed control: Weed control is necessary for successful growing of this crop.
Pest/Diseases: White butterfly, birds
Harvesting: Daikon is harvested when the roots reach a diameter of approximately 5cm. Harvesting occurs 60–70 days after sowing. Hand harvesting may be suitable for small blocks. Carrot diggers are needed for larger commercial areas.
Marketing: There is potential for selling Daikon on both the export and local market. Contacts made through the Vegetable Growers Federation should help exports into Asia.