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Daikon (Raphanus sativus)

We do not sell or supply this crop or it's seed, nor do we have any information on alternative sources of supply.

This information is published as an agricultural resource for Southland farmers and related industry.


Daikon is also known as Japanese radish or Giant White radish. Fresh Daikon is popular in Japan. The Daikon root has a crisp, mild flavour and is excellent fresh in salads and provides a variation to our standard vegetables. It can also be preserved and used in the preparation of relishes and other condiments.

Growing Daikon

Propagation: Sowing rate: 2–3 kg/ha,
Sowing depth: 1–2cm,
Plant spacing: 15cm in row; 75cm between rows.
Yields/ha: Expected yield 400–500g/plant (3,338t/ha)
First harvest: 60–70 days after sowing
Soil type: Light textured free draining soils.
Fertilisers: NPK fertiliser application could be used.
Weed control: Weed control is necessary for successful growing of this crop.
Pest/Diseases: White butterfly, birds
Harvesting: Daikon is harvested when the roots reach a diameter of approximately 5cm. Harvesting occurs 60–70 days after sowing. Hand harvesting may be suitable for small blocks. Carrot diggers are needed for larger commercial areas.
Marketing: There is potential for selling Daikon on both the export and local market. Contacts made through the Vegetable Growers Federation should help exports into Asia.

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