Chatham Island Forget-me-not (Myosostidium hortensia)


Chatham Island Forget-me-not is a spectacular low growing shrub with large vivid green leaves and either white or purple flowers in the spring. It tends to do better in a shady situation rather than full sunlight. The leaves grow on thick green stalks that have an almost rhubarb like appearance. The leaves can be cut and used in floral arrangement. The one major concern is the fact that for every 3 leaves cut at least 1 will wilt and die within 24 hours. Some work needs to be done identifying a suitable post harvest solution if this is to have any future as a foliage crop.

Growing Chatham Island Forget-me-not

Propagation: Plants can be grown from seed or cuttings.
Harvest Date: As it is a foliage crop it can be harvested from spring right through autumn.
Crop protection: Not needed.
Soil type: Friable free draining soil preferred.
Fertilisers: General NPK based fertilisers.
Weed control: Needed at establishment, maintenance weeding as the plants mature.
Pest/Diseases: Nothing obvious noted at this stage.
Harvesting: Harvest by cutting leaves near to the base of the plant.
Marketing: Local market seems to be the only option unless the leaf collapse problem can be fixed.