Brachyglottis (Brachyglottis argentinus, B. crustii)


There are a number of different Brachyglottis species, many of which are suitable for foliage. They used to be classified under the genus Senecio but this was recently changed. Many have two tone leaves with distinctly different colours underneath, compared to the top surface. Some of the green and white combinations such as those found on, B crusti look spectacular and are used in a floral arrangements.

Brachyglottis is one of a number of foliage crops being grown by Crops for Southland in the demonstration garden. Like most of them a market does exist but the end users (florists) are not prepared to pay enough for it to justify the costs of growing, picking, packing and shipping it. Growers nearer a major metropolitan area with a lot more users may have a better chance of success.

Growing Brachyglottis

Propagation: From cuttings.
Yields/ha: Unknown.
First harvest: Year 2 and onwards.
Training/Pruning: Cut back to shape in winter is recomended.
Crop protection: Very hardy plant nothing needed.
Soil type: Friable free draining soils preferred.
Fertilisers: General NPK fertilisers in small quantities based on soil fertility.
Weed control: Needed during establishment, maintenance weeding after that.
Pest/Diseases: Nothing observed so far.
Harvesting: Stems cut and bunched into fives before being sent to market.
Marketing: Local market only tried at this stage. Prices vary between 15 and 40c per piece.