New to R&D Grant

Take innovation in your business to the next level

The New to R&D Grant is now open for applications from eligible businesses.

About the grant

The New to R&D Grant offers more than just research and development funding—for up to a two-year period, it will help you develop your R&D capability, making you better at it, not just for the first time, but for the long-term. The grant also helps you prepare your business to access future R&D funding through the Research & Development Tax Incentive.

The Grant is made available by Callaghan Innovation and Great South can help you access it.

Find out more about the grant below and at the Callaghan Innovation website or email the Great south team

Building your R&D capability

The New to R&D Grant has been specifically designed to help you become a long-term R&D performer - it’s not for one-off projects - because if you want to continue to differentiate your product or service from your competitors’ and tap into new markets, you need to keep innovating.

To do so, you need to round out your innovation skills and we can help by providing funding and support to develop your R&D capability in the seven critical areas listed below. More information on the support we offer will be available once you are confirmed as eligible for the grant.

  • Understanding and using customer input
  • Intellectual Property
  • Regulatory and Compliance
  • Lean R&D
  • Project Management
  • R&D Information Management
  • Understanding the R&D Tax Incentive

Funding available

We’ll fund 40% of both the cost of your proposed R&D activities and capability development activities, up to a maximum of $400,000, helping to set you up for long-term success.

Who is eligible?

Because the grant is designed with a very specific purpose, there are some stringent rules around who can receive it. Before proceeding further, you should read the full eligibility criteria and see if your business might be eligible.

As a first step, check that your business meets all of the following criteria:

  • Your business is an eligible entity (see eligibility criteria here)
  • Your business must not have received any government funding on or since 1 July 2019 for R&D including any Callaghan Innovation grant or loan, the Research and Development Tax Incentive or any other government funding intended to support R&D (Getting Started grants are excluded from this requirement)
  • Your business must have spent less than $50,000 in total on R&D over the last three years
  • You must be able to fund your share of the R&D costs

If you are part of a corporate group containing other R&D performing businesses, you may not be eligible to apply. You will be assessed on whether you have access to the capabilities of those businesses to assist you with your R&D. More on grouping guidance here.

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