Data that provides insights about the region’s people, economy and environment is required to support decision makers and policy makers.

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Data-driven decision making is essential to the future prosperity of the region. 

Success is that the right decisions are made based on accurate information.  This will not only ensure there is equity in wellbeing but will enable more sustainable and resilient communities. 

Opportunities to improve how data is accessed and shared became apparent during the process to develop the Beyond 2025 plan. There are not only gaps in data and therefore our knowledge, but there are also inconsistencies in how data is interpreted.  Furthermore, some data is not easily accessed and there are wasted resources with multiple party duplication.

Next Steps


In Progress

"That a Regional Data Strategy and Regional Data Repository are investigated and developed with this to be driven by a Working Group."

  • Great South (with support of a Working Group) has developed the Data Insights Southland Hub (DISH) which is a regional centralised digital data system that ensures a variety of users have access to timely, comprehensive, and accurate data. 


In Progress

"That data partnerships are established with other organisations, sectors, and regions to share data, build capacity, and collaborate on data-driven initiatives."

  • Shared approach between Councils and Great South to investigate required data to inform spatial planning and climate change planning.

  • Partnership with industry and COIN South to explore how data networks could hold the potential to add economic and societal value through innovation.

In Progress

"That national datasets align with regional datasets and acknowledge and support Murihiku Southland needs and aspirations."

  • Partnership with the Government’s Social Wellbeing Agency who are looking to develop public dashboards consolidating Government information across 5 areas – Health, Safety, Education, Housing and Economy.