Regional Events Fund - Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Funding

  • Great South is not obliged to grant all of the Southland and Fiordland Event Funds in any period.
  • Great South reserves the right to consult with Council and other funders on applications without sharing commercially sensitive material, regarding venues, consent, permits and traffic management etc.
  • All potential or actual conflict of interests which could compromise the decision on the application or bring the process into disrepute must be declared;
  • All applicants must disclose any other funding sources for the event (either confirmed or in the process), as well as any corporate or commercial sponsorship arrangements.
  • Applicants must not directly or indirectly seek to influence the application process or outcomes in any improper or unethical manner (or in any way which might have the appearance of being so), nor attempt to solicit or garner non-public information which might give an unfair advantage in the application process.
  • Each applicant warrants that all information provided in relation to its application is true and correct and in all material particulars, at all times, and is not misleading, whether by omission or otherwise. Each applicant must disclose all matters likely to be material to Great South’s consideration of its application.
  • If circumstances or information changes after making an application, or after any funding is allocated, the applicant must immediately notify the Great South.
  • Each applicant consents to having due diligence carried out on its application, including the organisations and personnel involved, and relevant track records. The applicant consents to Great South making due enquiries from third parties in this regard and shall provide access to referees upon request.
  • Additional terms and conditions of funding are contained in the Funding Agreement Contract.

Event related costs NOT eligible for investment;

  • Capital costs
  • For the purchase of alcohol
  • Stock or capital market investment
  • Payment of fines, court costs, IRD penalties or retrospective tax payment
  • Purchase of insurance cover
  • Purchase/lease of vehicles and any related ongoing maintenance repair, overhead costs or road user charges
  • Service or maintenance costs including utilities such as power or phone
  • Any retrospective costs (unless pre-approved)
  • Overseas travel
  • Debt servicing or refinancing costs
  • Medical expenses
  • Prize money or entrance fees
  • Payment of any legal expenditure including costs or expenses related to mediation disputes, ACC, employment Tribunal, Small Claims Tribunal, professional or disciplinary body hearings
  • Money to be redistributed as grant funding, sponsorship, bequest, donations, to aid funding or aid to other recipients.
  • Events that have breached previous funding agreements, including post-event reporting criteria.

Final investment in an event will come with conditions pertaining to what event relation costs can and cannot be used for.

Great South Discretion

Great South reserves the right to:

  • Accept or reject any application at its sole discretion
  • Change the criteria, parameters, date, timeline or any other aspect of the funding application or decision-making process, and to waive any application requirements at is discretion.
  • Require applicants to provide additional information if required
  • Suspend or cancel the funding process in whole or in part
  • Impose conditions on the approval or payment of funding, such as a requirement to generate a certain number of entries for an event.
  • Do any other act that it sees fit in relation to the funding process.

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