New technologies

Electric, hydrogen and biofuel vehicles and charging infrastructure

Electric vehicles are being seen more and more frequently across the Southland region, with increasing awareness of the importance of replacing fossil fuels with electric, biofuel and hydrogen options. 

The planned ‘electrification of the Southern Scenic Route, and increased charging infrastructure across the Southland region is helping to confirm the region’s resolve to mitigating the effects of climate change and attract travellers and visitors who share this approach.

Electric vehicle opportunities
Charging infrastructure 

Renewable heating

There are opportunities for the industries, businesses and individuals across the region to consider replacing non-renewable heating options with alternatives such as biofuel, electric boilers and solar (hot water) systems. 

This also includes looking to at options to replace remote community fossil fuel-dependent energy needs with wind, solar, microgrid and peer-to-peer trading.

Waste to value utilization

Climate change has accelerated the need to reduce and manage the waste that we produce. 

Looking at ways that businesses and domestic households can increase waste to value utilisation brings economic opportunities which lead to job creation, low emission energy production, reduction of resource and greenhouse gas emissions while also reducing reliance on imported products.

In particular, we support businesses who are looking to establish and implement waste to energy systems such as Southland’s landfill which uses methane to power a lime dry-kilning operation and Glenarlea Farm which uses effluent to power their shed!


Southland's low emission economy

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Opportunities to reduce emissions

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Lee Atkinson
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