Market Opportunities

Market opportunities

The drive to a low emission and climate economy provides new market opportunities for Southland to increase the value of our production capabilities and diversify the local economy to minimise further economic shocks. This includes: 

  • Increasing value to products being grown or manufactured in Southland to realise their full value, ie. Supporting the building of timber building construction, biomass for heating needs and bioplastics industries.
  • Te Uru Rākau Forestry Strategy
  • Making use of Southland’s diverse soils and microclimate to cater to health, wellbeing and plant-based food production. Learn more about our commercial soil and crop data
  • Guide to navigate the disruption.

Southland's low emission economy

How to measure emissions

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Opportunities to reduce emissions

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How we can help

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For more information on this, please contact our Strategic Projects Advisors below:

Isabel Huther
Isabel Huther
Strategic Projects Advisor

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