Progress report

Together with those providing strategic direction for the project, we are taking meaningful steps to reduce Southland's carbon footprint. 

The milestones we have achieved to date:

  • Regional Leadership teams established
  • Identified the region's emissions profile for 2018
  • Shared learnings between communities, businesses, industries and regions across NZ
  • Designed a Strategic workshop and held a variety of events across the region to encourage innovative and sustainable thinking
  • Promoted and advocated for the integration of climate considerations to a variety of organisations, institutions, government agencies and communities
  • Significantly reduced the region's carbon footprint through encouraging the uptake of biomass and heat pumps to replace coal and diesel heating, and electric vehicles and sustainable initiatives

Plans for the future: 

  • Support businesses and communities to transition to a low-emission environment
  • Economic analysis of regional climate impacts and opportunities for our economy
  • Set regional targets 
  • Investigate the feasibility of regional carbon financial framework 


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