Welcoming Communities

An inclusive initiative designed to embrace diversity and welcome newcomers to Southland

With involvement in Immigration New Zealand’s pilot programme Welcoming Communities, we are focused on helping migrants to settle and successfully integrate into the Southland community.

Welcoming Communities has been developed in recognition that communities who make newcomers feel welcome are more likely to enjoy better social outcomes and stronger economic growth.

As part of the programme, we are supporting local councils, members of the community and newcomers to the region to celebrate diversity, learn from each other and support the region’s growth and development. 

To oversee this, we have developed the Southland Murihiku Welcome Plan, which identifies a range of activities and projects that focus on building strong connections between local residents and new arrivals and have led the region in being recognised as a committed welcoming community.

Access the Southland Murihiku Welcome Plan here

You can also learn more about the programme's accreditation process here

For more information about the pilot, or the projects it involves, please contact:

Sue Morrison-Bailey
Sue Morrison-Bailey
Welcoming Communities Coordinator

Welcoming Communities

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